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Hairaisers Wins Best Wig Collection

Your Hair Awards 2012

Wigs are used everyday for a lot of different reasons. Whether it is medical, fashion or other, the priority is that the wigs are styled well, look realistic and use quality synthetic hair. There are many wig manufacturers available today, and none take their quality of wigs more seriously than Hairaisers. Which is why they were nominated for the Best Wig Collection at the Your Hair Awards.

Hairaisers Wigs - Your Hair Awards

Hairaisers Wigs - Your Hair Awards

Hairaisers Chic Collection

We recieved news that they have actually won this award, and rightly so. Their wigs have been used globally both professionally and personally by clients for over 40 years! The specific collection that won this award was the Chic Collection by Hairaisers which is over 5 years old itself.

Chic Wigs by Hairaisers

The most popular wigs in this collection are the Kim, Roxanne, and the Blush. These styles have the length and modern style that are on demand today.