Supermodel Makeover

Supermodel Makeover by the Daily Mail showcased and review clip in hair extensions by


My Supermodel Makeover – Daily Mail

Daily Mail – Supermodel Hair Extensions

All eyes were drawn to an article in the Daily Mail on Friday. An amazing transformation using various high street products, most notably the hair extensions she used. She got her hair extensions from and purchased the Clip-It 18″ hair extensions.

Here is what she had to say about the supermodel Clip-It hair extensions:
My Supermodel Makeover

Supermodel Hair Extensions Review

Supermodel hair extensions, £49.99,

WHAT IS IT? Clip-on hairpieces that add thickness and length — a favourite with celebs. Made from human hair, there are 14 shades so you can match your natural colour. Can also be dyed for a perfect match.

WHAT YOU DO: Backcomb the roots of a section of your hair and insert the clip. Repeat to achieve as much volume as you’d like. It sounds complicated but was so simple that it took me less than a minute to complete my new look.

RESULTS: The difference was so amazing that it made me bewail my naturally thin hair. The hair extensions gave an instant boost to my looks, but were also natural looking, easy to use and stayed secure. The colour was slightly different to my natural hair, but the lighter tones just added depth and body. No one noticed the clips. Catwalk here I come . . .
SCORE: 5/5

All details are available on the Daily Mail website here.