Katy Perry Hair

Katy Perry Hairstyle

Californian born singer and actress Katy Perry has a thick and healthy looking head of hair. Usually sporting the style of thick natural waves, Katy Perry’s hair always sports an envious hairstyle that every woman desires. Katy Perry does not shy away from experimenting with her hair, for example when she sported the Gothic hair look and changing her hair colour to a bold purple colour!

Katy Perry Hairstyle

Katy Perry Hairstyle

Katy Perry Hair Extensions

Any woman wanting to get the hair volume of Katy Perry, hair extensions would the be best solution in order to get the volume and length of Katy Perry. As Katy Perry’s hair looks soft and luxurious, it would be recommended to get the Remy Human Hair Clip In Hair Extensions.

What Colour is Katy Perry’s Hair?

Katy Perry’s hair colour would be best described as a natural black, or “off black”. In hair extension terms, this would be colour 1B. So if Katy Perry was to ever order hair extensions, she would definitely go for the Remy clip in hair extensions in colour 1B!
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