Quality Human Hair Extensions

Quality is the most important aspect about clip in hair extensions


Mobile Hair Extension Stylists

Want your hair extensions put in at home? This is why we have mobile hair extension stylist. Hair extensions are becoming ever more demanding so appointments are harder to book. Property prices are rising so overheads are getting more expensive and they are passing these costs onto the consumer. Mobile hair extensions stylist do not have these overheads, so costs are kept to a minimum. Mobile hair extensions stylists also have great knowledge on beauty in general and offer a variety of other services such as eye lash hair extensions, tanning and much more.



The only concern about mobile hair extensions stylists is a case of trust. Do they have the correct qualifications? Are they using quality assured products? and Are they going to give you a fair price? This is often overcome by their reputation, genuine mobile hair extensions stylists take their reputation very seriously. The most reputable mobile hair extensions stylist we have come across are Beauty Hotline, they are qualified in each service they offer, and can prove it with certifcations and valid documentation. They use high quality products such as top brands like Hairaisers Hair Extensions and other well known brands.

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Cheap Human Hair Extensions

Cheap Clip In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions will always be expensive, and due to a saturated market, rogue hair extensions have made their way through places like Ebay. So it always pays to be vigilant when purchasing cheap hair extensions. Buying cheap hair extensions is not always advised as you are guaranteed to sacrifice quality over price. Cheap hair extensions may be human hair, however the type of human hair will more likely processed, meaning the hair has been stripped of it natural cuticle. These hair extensions are ideal for occasional use or are being used short term.
Cheap Hair Extensions

Supermodel Hair Extensions by Hairaisers

The best cheap hair extensions that we have come across are the Supermodel range by Hairaisers. The Clip in hair extensions are available in 14″ and 18″, the Weft hair extensions are available in 14″, 16″, 18″ and 20″. Following @Supermodel_Hair on Twitter will give you a discount code for a further 10% off your purchase.

High Quality Human Hair Extensions

If you are looking for a better quality and more permanent solution, the Blue Label or Pink Label hair extensions are recommended as they contain Remy hair. Remy hair is unprocessed, meaning that the hair still has a cuticle layer giving the hair extensions a longer life. Again, following @Supermodel_Hair on Twitter will give you a discount code for a further 10% off your purchase.


Keeping Hair Extensions Full of Life

Keeping Hair Extensions Full of Life

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to add volume and length to your hair, giving you a luscious and full look. However over time or due to mistreatment, hair extensions can look dull and lifeless after a while.

Keeping Hair Extensions Full of Life

Keeping Hair Extensions Full of Life

Hair Extensions Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips and information on maintaining your hair extensions to use your hair extensions to their full potential.

Heat (Straighteners, Tongs etc.)
Even with 100% human hair, you can’t use too much heat. The hair (like your own) will react to too much heat, applying too much heat to your own hair could cause a brittle and dry look, so this could happen to human hair extensions. It is always advise to pre treat the hair extensions using a heat protective product design for hair extensions, this will stop the heat damage and maintain the healthy look.

Aftercare Products
Aftercare products are great for giving hair extensions a prolonged life, keeping them soft and healthy looking. However using too many different products can have an adverse effect, as the aftercare could react with each other. Only use the recommended products and quantity.

Excessive brushing of your hair extensions can do more harm than good as you risk weakening bonds or the attachment, causing future shedding or hair loss. The advised frequency of brushing is 1 – 2 times a day using a hair extension brush.

Shapeless Styles
Your hair is shapeless and impossible to get the desired style, in this instance it is usually down to application. In which case could be due to lack of training.

• The Extension hairstyle has not been planned properly
• The stylist has chosen the wrong texture of extension hair
• The hair extensions are more than double the length of the natural hair