Moustaches and Beards

Theatrical Moustaches and Beards are used in performances such as Theatre Productions, Amateur Plays and Various other Theatrical performances.


Theatrical Moustaches and Beards

Theatrical Moustaches and Beards

Have a theatrical performance that you need a moustache or beard for? Well we have found just the place! Fake Moustaches and Beards have and will continue to be used in theatre productions and plays. Fake moustaches or beards give the actor the appearance of their desired character, which greatly helps emphasise the actors role within the story of the production!

Different Moustache Styles

Moustaches have so many varieties of styles that can be applied, which is why at the Moustaches and Beards store, they have a few different styles to cater for every theatrical performance.
Whether you want the Moustache of Viva Zapata, a Traditional Military Officers’ Moustache or just a Regular Moustache, they will have it.

Realistic Beards and Moustaches

Theatrical Moustaches
The realism of the moustaches and beards are the most important quality. Which is why they are made from 100% human hair, attached to an almost invisible lace and each hair strand is individually HAND tied to the lace. A lot of work goes into these moustaches and beards to give the end user the ultra realistic attribute that is required for any theatrical performance or play.