Lily Allen

Lily Allen is a popular singer / song writer who popularised the dead straight fringe! Clip in hair extensions help you get the Lily Allen look!


Lily Allen Pregnant!

Lily Allen Pregnant

Lily Allen has declared that she is Pregnant! Lily Allen and husband Sam Cooper are now expecting a second child after her first child Ethel that was bought into the world last year in December.
Lily Allen and Sam Cooper got married June last year after a 2 year happy relationship.

Lily Allen Hair Styles

Lily Allen - Wind Swept Hair

Lily Allen – Wind Swept Hair

Lily Allen has adapted a few hairstyles in her time in the public eye, probably more well known for her oriental style box fringe. More recently Lily Allens hair has gone for a more natural look which although not as unique as her oriental style fringe, still suits her incredibly well!
Lily Allen - Straight Fringe

Lily Allen – Straight Fringe

Lily Allen - Natural Hair

Lily Allen – Natural Hair

Hair Extension when Pregnant

Can you wear hair extensions whilst pregnant? It is advised against, in particular when using glue. The reason being that the hormonal changes can cause a pregnant womans skin to react to the hair extensions glue. Clip In Hair Extensions would be the advised alternative, however it is still advised to be avoided as pregancy can cause changes to the hair folicles’ strength thus causing a mild form of alopecia when wearing clip in hair extensions. Ultimately, it is best to avoid wearing hair extensions while pregnant altogether.