Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a very influential singer who popularised the hair bow which prompted clip in hair extensions manufacturers to produce bow hair pieces


Green Coloured Hair Extensions and Wigs

Green Coloured Hair Extensions and Wigs

Coloured hair is coming back into fashion thanks to popular celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry! Green hair is more popular with special holidays like St Patricks Day and Christmas. There are many ways to apply the shade of green to your hairstyle, you can opt for a subtle streak of colour using Green Colour Flash Clip In Hair Extensions or you can choose to go for a drastic ombre style with Green Human Hair Extensions.

Green Coloured Wigs

We have a range of wigs the come in the colour green, the most popular wig is the Sally Bob Wig in Green. These wigs were developed using high quality synthitic fibre hair using a high quality machine made durable wig base.Sally Bob Wig in Green

Green Feather and Tinsel Clip In Hair Extensions

Why not opt for a fun and creative look by using different textures like Tinsel Flash Clip In Hair Extensions to add a glitter effect to your hair, these pieces are more popular over the christmas period! Alternatively you can choose the Feather Flash Clip In Hair Extensions to add a stylish tribal appearance to your hairstyle!


Choosing Hair Extension Colours

Choosing Hair Extension Colours

Choosing your hair extension colour can sometimes be a bit daunting, especially with the vast variants of hair extension colours available. Hairaisers hair extensions in particular have a huge collection of colours for purchase, in particular their Blue Label human hair extension wefts made with Remy hair. To help choose the right colour hair extensions, whether it be clip in hair extensions or other, we created this website.

Matching Hair Extensions Colours to Your Hair

Matching your hair to hair extensions is never easy online, as each monitor and computer colour settings are different. This is the reason why Clip In Hair Extensions by Supermodel Hair offer a FREE colour swapping service. The advice given when purchasing, is to narrow the choice to two colours then choose the lighter of the two as hair extensions blend better when the hair extensions are lighter.
Below are some of the more popular hair extension colours
Hair Extension Colour Dark BrownHair Extension Colour Mid BrownHair Extension Colour AuburnHair Extension Colour Light Blonde

Experimental Hair Extensions Colours

You may want to show your creativity and experiment with more flamboyant hair extension colours like red, blue or any other of the fancy colours available. These hair colours have recently become fashionable due to celebrities like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga who have both opted for the fantasy hair look recently.

Katy Perry Hair Colour

Katy Perry Hair Colour

Lady Gaga Hair Colour

Lady Gaga Hair Colour

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Lady Gaga – Rainbow Hair

Lady Gaga with Rainbow Coloured Hair

Lady Gaga has opted for the rainbow coloured hair this month to further press her authority on creative hair styling. Lady Gaga is well known for her creative and innovative hair styles, Lady Gaga began her creative streak with the very creative Hair Bow which received a very positive response, prompting clip in hair extension companies to create a range of Clip In Bow Hair Pieces.
Lady Gaga Rainbow Coloured Hair

Rainbow Coloured Hair Extensions

Lady Gaga was pictured with a very unique side styled pony tail which seemed to be dyed, however we feel that the thickness and length came from human hair clip in hair extensions which were then coloured using hair extension dyes. Alternatively she could have had pre coloured Rainbow Coloured Human Hair Extensions which were either sewn or glued in.

Rainbow Coloured Hair Pieces

Rainbow coloured hair pieces can also be used, such as the Synthetic Coloured Hair Streak Flashes which are very cost effective, however are limited to styling as they cannot take any heat.
For a more different and creative style, you could use Feather Flash Hair Extensions Flashes or Tinsel Hair Extensions Flashes to get a very unique and awe inspiring look