Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes became famous with her prime role in the popular TV show of Dawson Creek. More recently for her controversial relationship with Tom Cruise. We admire her hair and the way it is kept full of volume, which can be achieved with clip in hair extensions


Katie Holmes Hair Style

Katie Holmes Hair Styles

Actress Katie Holmes has not had a huge variety of hair styles over her hollywood career, however her latest hair style has taken a turn to the short and fashionable bob rather than her usual fail-safe hair style of long and lucious! Katie Holmes has not changed her hair colour since the early days of Dawsons Creek. We say keep that way Katie! If its not broken, don’t fix it. It is very easy to match clip in hair extensions to Katie Holmes hair colour.
Katie Holmes Hair Bob 2012Katie Holmes Long Hair

Katie Holmes Hair Colour

Katie Holmes has always had a natural warm brown toned hair colour which compliments her features nicely. We feel her hair colour could be between hair colour 3 and Hair colour 4.

Clip In Hair Extensions Colour 3

Colour 3

Clip In Hair Extensions Colour 4

Colour 4

Clip In Hair Extensions in Katie Holmes Colour

To get the Katie Holmes length and healthy volume, we recommend the 16 inch Clip In Hair Extensions in colour 3 or the 16 inch Clip In Hair Extensions in colour 4. We also recommend using the Hair Extensions Aftercare Set by Hairaisers which is designed speifically to keep your clip in hair extensions full of life.