New Hair Building Fibres for Hair Loss, Balding and Thinning of the Hair

Hair Building fibres by Miracle Mane

Hair loss is an inevitable fact of life. We use hair extensions, wigs and even hair implants to help hide our unavoidable fate. However, we have recently stumbled across an amazing new product that builds up hair thickness hiding away any signs of balding and thinning of the hair! “Well what is this “amazing” product” I hear you sarcastically utter, well it is Hair Building Fibres by Miracle Mane!

How do Hair Building Fibres Work?

The process of successfully hiding away those pesky bald spots is remarkably easy and achievable in minutes! Follow these three easy steps and you are ready to get on with your day with one less worry.
Step 1: Wash your hair using your everyday shampoo.
Step 2: Shake the Hair Building Fibre over the affected areas.
Step 3: Use the Hair Building Spray to secure the fibres.

Hair Loss Treatment at Home

Finally we can treat our bald spots and thinning of the hair at home! If you have any questions or queries in regards to Miracle Mane or any other hair products, feel free to contact us at