Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Clip In Hair Extensions for Short Hair Must Follow advised steps in order to make hair extensions look as natural as possible.


Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair extensions for Shorter Hair

Hair extensions used for short hair can often look unnatural as there is no steady integration between the hair extensions and short hair. However this can be overcome by following some simple steps.

The first step is to make sure the hair extensions are no longer than double the lengths of the natural short hair. So if you have a bob hair style, we recommend your hair extensions to be no longer than just below your shoulders, as any longer will show a distinct seperation between your short hair line and the hair extensions.

Creative Styles using Hair Extensions

The next step is to add volume. Adding a wave, curl or texture to your hair extensions and shorter hair will help blend the layers, resulting in a natural and volumous style. Also the type of hair extensions are important, we recommend the Pink Label clip in human hair extensions are perfect for adding volume, as over time, the hair wiill naturally get thicker, this is due to the high quality human hair that is used to produce these clip ins. If you want to use weaves, the Blue Label is ideal, it uses the same hair, but in weft form.

Matching your Hair Extensions Colour

The final step is colour matching, colour matching is always important, however some people like to use hair extensions to add an undertone or a dip dye effect. This is strongly advised against when using hair extensions for short hair as it would be far too obvious.