Hair Extensions Fashion

Clip In Hair extensions will always be used in fashion to bring creative looks to life


Fashionable Coloured Hair

Hair in Fashionable Colours

Hair in fashionable colours gives you exciting and fashionable options in hairstyling. The hair we are talking about is the vibrant rainbow coloured hair. Fashion colours such as blue, red, green, mauve and various other fashionable colours. These pieces can be found very cheap, and we recommend the synthetic bulk hair which is currently at less than a fiver on

You get 40 inches of synthetic fibre hair at appoximately 100 grams in one pack of synthetic bulk hair.
Synthetic Fibre Hair

Uses of Fashionable Hair Colours

These pieces can be used as hair extensions. However as they are synthetic hair, no heat such as curlers or straighteners can be used on these pieces. They also don’t take to human hair products like shampoos, conditioners and dyes.

Fashionable coloured hair are used by session stylists to achieve their desired looks. Adding a variety of different colours to create fun and creative look.


Kate Middletons Hair from Yesterday

Kate Middleton’s Hair

Kate Middletons hair from yesterday received gracious attention as she proved yet again that she knows her own hair and can style it to perfection. This natural and volumous hair style can be achieved by using Clip In Hair Extensions we would recommend either the Supermodel Clip In Hair Extensions or the higher quality Pink Label Clip In Hair Extensions.

Kate Middleton Hair from Yesterday

Kate Middleton Hair from Yesterday

Kate Middleton Hair Influence

Kate Middleton is renowned for her influence behind fashion and will be for a long time. A benefit about Kate Middleton is that she doesn’t always shop at top brand stores, she usually opts for high street brands which she always manages to surpass top brands in a way of how they look. An example of this was when a high street brand sold a replica dress that she wore at her engagement sold out within the day it was released.

Fashion Hair

This shows her absolute influence behind fashion, she has a flawless eye for fashion and all eyes will be on what she is wearing next. More importantly to us is how Kate Middletons hair style will change over the coming years, we are looking forward to any new hair styles she may sport and we will be looking at ways to replicate her hair to keep up with her natural and flawless sense of style.


Hair Extensions Fashion

Hair Extensions in Fashion

Hair extensions are fundamental in fashion, and with New York Fashion Week happening, there is no greater time to have a look at the hair extensions being used.

Fashion Designer Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are vital to any fashion designer to bring their creative ideas to life. They use hair extensions to add volume and length and occasionally colour to go with their amazing fashion outfits. One of the most used hair extensions are the Blue Label Hair Extensions by Hairaisers, which are used by high profile and well known agencies such as Streeters, Julian Watson Agency and many more. These high profile agencies will all be contributing to New York Fashion Week.

Hair Extensions Fashion

Hair Extensions Fashion

Blue Label Weft Hair Extensions by Hairaisers

Blue Label Hair Extensions are used as they contain the high quality human hair that fashion artists demand. Blue Label Hair Extensions have been used time and time again at New York Fashion Week as they never fail to deliver. We look forward to the extravagant hair styles at New York Fashion Week and no doubt will be posting the top hair styles in our opinion for you to see.