Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto is an actress and model with an indian nationality. Freida Pinto knows how to look after her hair and using clip in hair extensions, you too can have hair like hers.


Side Swept Hair

Side Swept Hair

Side swept hair is a timeless classic hair style the will never date. The side swept style is best decribed as hair that is all bought forward and swept to the side, the purpose of this hair style is to showcase the volume of the hair as it amplifys the hairs volume to its maximum potential. Clip in hair extensions are used to add volume, and using clip in hair extensions with this style go hand in hand to give you a classic and volumous look.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are pretty much an everyday product now, more commonly used to add length. We prefer hair extensions to be used to add volume as clip in hair extensions look their best when they are not too much longer than your natural hair. The recommended guide is not to go longer than twice the length of your natural hair, we say no longer than a third as keeping your hair looking natural with volume is best.

Celebrities with Side Swept Hair

As the side swept hair style represents a look of sophistication and class, it is no wonder that a number of celebrities opt for this look.

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Freida Pinto Side Swept Hair

Freida Pinto

January Jones Side Swept Hair

January Jones

Jennifer Lawrence Side Swept Hair

Jennifer Lawrence

Kate Bosworth Side Swept Hair

Kate Bosworth

Lana Del Rey Side Swept Hair

Lana Del Rey

Rihanna Side Swept Hair