Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole uses high quality clip in hair extensions


Celebrity Influence Behind Hair

Celebrities and Hair Extensions

Celebrity Influence Behind Hair

Celebrity Influence Behind Hair

Recently, rumours were all over the web about how Kate Middleton was allegedly wearing clip in hair extensions. The main thing I noticed from these Hair Extension rumours was how many people decided to have the urge to have hair extensions themselves because of this. It shows how powerful and influential celebrities can be in regards to all aspects about hair, from hair styles to the hair colour itself.

Cheryl Cole Hair

Recent years has seen a huge increase in sales of the hair colour 32, the same colour that Cheryl Cole has. Cheryl Cole would be the most obvious reason for the increase of that particular hair colour as she has amazing hair and has been in the lime light over recent years. Her celebrity status is mainly due to popular shows such as X Factor, who themselves used top stylists such as Adam Reed who uses only the best quality hair extensions, such as Hairaisers Hair.

Kim Kardashian Hair

The largest influencer of hair at the moment would be Kim Kardashian. If you pay any attention to large social media platforms at all, you will notice Kim Kardashians references are usually linked to her hair extensions or how good her hair looks. After a chat to a Tweep in regards to Kim Kardashians hair extensions, she said she was adamant about getting hair extensions even though she had never worn them before, nor even previously considering getting hair extensions.

Celebrity influence is very powerful, which is why hair companies are willing to pay quite a bit to get a famous celebrity with amazing hair to their name. Hair styles will always mostly be dictated by celebrities, acknowledging and following celebrity hair fashion will always be at the forefront of the hair industries priorities.