Brandi Irwin

Brandi Irwin is a USA Celebrity who spends $50,000.00 per year on her clip in hair extensions


Brandi Irwin a Salon Owners Dream

Brandi Irwin with Hair Extensions

Brandi Irwin

Is Brandy Irwin a Salon Owners Dream or What?
Would you Adam and Eve it! Leggy blonde Brandi Irwin, Spends $50,000.00 per year on her lovely locks! Man she’s every hairdressers dream come true. She’s not the only one though, many celebrities and ladies who lunch adorn their hair with the real McCoy.

Remy blend hair extensions almost worth their weight in gold.Brandi sits in the salon chair with her stylist weaving her magic with a precision long-lost since the demise of the Lancashire woolen mills.

24 inches of pure blonde luxury, it’s a shame she’s in the USA, I know a few salon owners who would love to have Brandi as a client. With natural shoulder length hair Brandi visits Gemini 14 on 14th Street near the West Village, in the USA home to the city’s most expensive hair extensions which cost $10,000.00 a per sitting.

You would need to be sitting down with a bill of that magnitude, whoa girl you must love your hair. Irwin has her hair extensions refitted three times a year. Add to that her cut and colour sessions every six weeks or so at round $300 per appointment PLUS a twice weekly $65 blow-dry and she’s shelling out about $40k per year.

Good on ya Brandi – If you’ve got it you can flaunt it and girl, you sure got it… Long hair !