• Dessata Hair Brush

    Dessata Hair Brushes

    Tired of knotty hair? – Dessata to the rescue… Are you tired of the hair pulling, screaming and frustration? We have just the right thing for you, the new Dessata detangling hairbrush. The Dessata detangling brush has 440 bristles in three different lengths which bend depending on how much pressure … [Read More...]

  • Secrets Bun Hairpieces

    Secrets Buns Hair Pieces

    Add on Bun Hairpieces from the Secrets CollectionThe Secrets Collection by Hairaisers has proven exceptionally popular with its range of wigs and ponytails! Now The Secrets Collection has a new addition to its family, the Add on Bun Hairpieces! Secrets Bun Hairpieces are sophisticated add on hair … [Read More...]

  • Christmas Hair Extensions

    Tinsel Hair Extensions for Christmas!

    Christmas Tinsel Clip In Hair ExtensionsChristmas is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate the festive season than a set of tinsel clip in hair extensions! Show off a glitter effect in your hair this Christmas with our popular Tinsel Clip In Hair Extensions, tinsel clip in hair … [Read More...]

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Hair Extensions

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink Hair Extensions!

    Pink Hair Extensions for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!Breast Cancer Awareness month is an important date in the calendar, and what better way to raise awareness than a set of pink clip in hair extensions! Founded in 1985, the awareness campaign was implemented to battle breast cancer and to raise … [Read More...]

  • Alexandra Burke Hair Colour

    Alexandra Burke Hair Colour!

    Alexandra Burke HairLondon born music sensation Alexandra Burke has recently opted for a fashionable and bold hairstyle consisting of a contrasting mixture of blonde and dark hair colours. Usually sporting the natural staright look with her natural hair colour 1B, Alexandra Burke has transformed her … [Read More...]


Hair Extensions for Taylor Swift

Taylor Swifts Hairstyle

American country music singer song writer Taylor Swift is known for changing her hairstyles, from a thinning straight cut, to the more volume appearing style of loose flowing curls. It’s not known whether Taylor Swift wears hair extensions or not, however, which clip in hair extensions would she buy???

Taylor Swift Hair

Taylor Swift Hair

What Hair Extensions would Taylor Swift Get?

Taylor Swift has nice volume to her hair already, so we would look at the cheaper standard 18 inch clip in hair extensions to give her big hair. Now we would need to choose the colour, we would require the warmth of her blonde locks, so no doubt we would need the colour 27 (Strawberry Blonde), and which colour best compliments the colour 27? the SB (aka 613).
And there we have it, Taylor Swifts 18 Inch Clip In Hair extensions in colour 27/SB!

Taylor Swift Hair Colour

Taylor Swift Hair Colour


Eva Longoria Hair | Hair Extensions

Hairstyle of Eva Longoria

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria relentlessly sports a stunning hairstyle complimented by a pretty combination of hair colours every time. Whether its a sophisticated up do or a luxurious natural wave of flowing locks, Eva Longoria is guaranteed to nail the perfect hairstyle!

Eva Longoria | Natural Wave Hairstyle

Eva Longoria | Natural Wave Hairstyle

Eva Longoria | Sophisticated Hairstyle

Eva Longoria | Sophisticated Hairstyle

Eva Longoria Hair Extensions

We’re pretty certain that Eva Longoria does not wear hair extensions, as she is blessed with thick luxurious hair… lucky girl. However, if you wanted the thickness and colour of Eva Longoria’s hair, you’d be best opting for hair extensions in colour 4/30 as shown below.

Clip In Hair Extensions in Eva Longoria Hair Colour

Clip In Hair Extensions in Eva Longoria Hair Colour

Cheaper Hair Extensions!

Hair extensions are not cheap, which is why we are offering a 20% discount off all hair extensions at Supermodel Hair. All you need to do, is type YOUTUBE20 in the voucher code box at the checkout!


Blue Label Hair Extensions used at New York Fashion Week!

Blue Label Hair Extensions | New York Fashion Week

We just got word that our Blue Label Hair Extensions are being used at New York Fashion Week! Session stylist have been using the Blue Label weft hair extensions for years, and it’s not the first time they have been used at New York Fashion week.
Last Year, the Blue Label weft hair extensions were used in New York, London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks! Which proves that even the professionals in the hair extensions industry trusts hair extensions from Hairaisers, as sold at Supermodel hair.

Blue Label Hair Extensions at New York Fashion Week

Blue Label Hair Extensions at New York Fashion Week

Why use Blue Label Hair Extensions?

Blue Label hair extensions manufactured by Hairaisers have been around for at least 10 years, and Hairaisers themselves have been around for at least 45 years! With a history like that in the hair industry, it is hard for them to put a foot wrong in the hair extensions trade.
Blue Label weft hair extensions have proven to be very versatile! The hair extensions usually take well to dye, are easy to style, and opens up an array of options with hair styling due the the exceptional quality of the Blue Label hair extensions.

Clip In Hair Extensions using Blue Label Hair

The Blue Label Hair extensions were so popular, that professionals would make their own clip in hair extensions out of them. Which is why Hairaisers launched a new product called Pink Label Hair Extensions… pre made clip in hair extensions using Blue Label hair extensions! Awesome, less work for the stylist or hair dresser!