What are Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions

What are Clip In Hair Extensions?
Clip In Hair Extensions are derived from the original Afro Weave Style, where hair wefts are “sewn” into the hair line on to a plaited corn-row.

It was the modern celebrity quick style change that necessitated the invention of clip-in hair extensions to facilitate amazing hair styles in a very short time frame for photo shoots and stage performances.

See Mohieb’s video as an example of Clip in hair extensions used in a celebrity shoot.

As clip in hair extension technology was perfected with smaller, lighter and more reliable clips, clip in haie extensions became a mainstream consumer must have product and is now part of everyday life for fashion conscious ladies who like to change their look dependant on their lifestyle needs.

Short and professional during the working week, and long, sexy and sassy at the weekend is now possible with the greatest of ease.

Celebrity Clip In Hair Extensions

In reality there is no such thing as celebrity clip in hair extensions, generally most UK Session Stylists who use clip in hair extensions with their celebrity clients for photo shoots or stage work use Hairaisers Pink Label, you would have to ask them why they use them but if you want to use the same product you can find them here Pink Label Clip In hair Extensions.

If you would like to speak to a session stylist who uses Hairaisers Clip-In Extensions you could try commenting on Adam Reeds Blog. Adam is the lead session stylist for the X Factor Live performances and he uses Hairaisers Hair Extensions and wigs.

Good Quality Clip In Hair Extensions

As with any product which becomes successful in any kind of meaning volume, the counterfeiters and cheap suppliers try to leverage the market with “inferior” alternatives. Unfortunately the hair extensions market is not regulated and is over-run with cheap products which purport to be 100% real human hair but, let’s say that they are being a little creative with their descriptions.

There are many grades of quality of real human hair and if you think that the price you are being asked to pay for a set of clip-in hair extensions is cheap then you can be sure that they are manufactured from the lower grades which often come from dubious sources.

In many cases animal hair or high-heat fibre is mixed with human hair. Upon first inspection this “mix” is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. However as the hair is worn and styled the quality issues become apparent.

To get started, take a look at our 14 inch clip in hair extensions colour guide to see what colour best suits your hair!