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Hair Extensions – Client Satisfaction

Hair Extensions – Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction is top priority for any successful business, and this in more apparent with salons who use hair extensions. Clients who have hair extensions applied at a salon should receive a pleasant and satisfactory service. Even clients who purchase clip in hair extensions by a hair extensions store or a website should recieve the same service. We for example have this Blog, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and much much more to keep us in contact with our customers.
Anyone in the Hair Extensions trade will tell you that the most important part of having hair extensions is the aftercare. The client must be provided with aftercare information and a quick brief on what and what not to do with hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Client Satisfaction

Hair Extensions Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction with Hair Extensions

First and foremost, fill out a hair extension consultation form with your client. The reason for this is to have on paper an agreement, so that if there is any dispute later, you and your client can refer back to the consultation to see what you both agreed to. An example of this is having a client who wants hair extensions during pregnancy, it is always advised against, but clients still may demand hair extensions regardless. If the client comes back a week later complaining that the hair extensions are shedding (which could be due to excessive natural oil produce) you have on paper proof that you both agreed to the risks.
Secondly, make sure the client has confidence in the hair extension technicians abilities. Displaying certificates and any quality assurance evidence would greatly help the client relax and enjoy the experience.
Asking on the odd occassion if the client is comfortable is a great way to ensure she is happy with the service so far, general politeness goes a long way with people, like drinking away from them, noone wants a gulp in their ear.
Once the service is over, provide important information about aftercare. Give contact information for the salon, whether its, phone, email or even a Twitter account.

Hair Extensions Aftercare Information

Hair extensions aftercare should contain information on recommended hair extension aftercare products, what and what not to do with hair extensions and how to best look after hair extensions in general. Our next blog will go into more depth on hair extensions aftercare.


Megan Fox – Sexy Hair for Spring

Megan Fox Hair

Megan Fox has amazing hair, thats no secret. How she keeps her hair so amazingly full and healthy with a sexy style is a secret though! Megan Fox has a hair style perfect for Spring. Her hair has a luxurious natural wave that goes with her face shape and compliments her features perfectly.

Megan Fox Hair Style

Megan Fox Hair Style

The Transformers actress certainly knows how to create a hairstyle that attracts attention, and you too can also transform your look to a similar style. You can either consult your hair stylist to achieve the hair of Megan Fox, or you can use clip in hair extensions to get the volume and length desired for the style that Megan Fox so effortlessly achieves.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions are used every day, we recommend the Pink Label Clip In Hair Extensions as they contain premium quality hair that lasts. However, if you are working on a budget, we would recommend opting for the cheaper yet great quality Supermodel Clip In Hair Extensions. Both types of clip in hair extensions contain 100% genuine human hair designed for use to add volume and length.

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Mobile Hair Extension Stylists

Want your hair extensions put in at home? This is why we have mobile hair extension stylist. Hair extensions are becoming ever more demanding so appointments are harder to book. Property prices are rising so overheads are getting more expensive and they are passing these costs onto the consumer. Mobile hair extensions stylist do not have these overheads, so costs are kept to a minimum. Mobile hair extensions stylists also have great knowledge on beauty in general and offer a variety of other services such as eye lash hair extensions, tanning and much more.

The only concern about mobile hair extensions stylists is a case of trust. Do they have the correct qualifications? Are they using quality assured products? and Are they going to give you a fair price? This is often overcome by their reputation, genuine mobile hair extensions stylists take their reputation very seriously. The most reputable mobile hair extensions stylist we have come across are Beauty Hotline, they are qualified in each service they offer, and can prove it with certifcations and valid documentation. They use high quality products such as top brands like Hairaisers Hair Extensions and other well known brands.

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