Hair Extensions Colour Guide

The hair extensions colour guide is a helpful online tool for hair extension professionals, enthusiasts and consumers. The hair extension colour guide is developed and consistently updated to assist in matching hair colours to human hair clip in hair extensions.
We are not only limited to clip in hair extensions, there are also colour guides for ponytail hair pieces, wigs, wraps and clip in hair extension flashes!
With this hair colour matching utility at your disposal, matching your hair colour will be easier than ever before.

What is our main hair extension product?

Our primary focus is on clip in hair extensions. All of our clip in hair extensions are made from 100% human hair. This hair is ethically sourced from India and consists of a genuine remy hair blend to give maximum luxury to our clip in hair extensions.
Clip in hair extensions are a global product and consistently used all over the world. They are used by a wide range of fashion conscious ladies, from Hollywood movie stars to your next door neighbour, anyone can have the volume and length they desire with the help of clip in hair extensions!

Hair Extensions Blogs

Our blogs on hair extensions colour guide are mainly based on hair extensions news and celebrity hair gossip. Being in the hair industry, we have a natural fascination with all types of hairstyles and new inventive methods of applying hair extensions. We like to keep up to date with what is popular at the moment. We share this information with you so that you too are kept up to date with the latest on hair extensions and hairstyles.

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality is our primary focus when it comes to hair extensions. Our clip in hair extensions and weft hair extensions are manufactured from the highest quality human hair available on the human hair market. We go the extra mile to ensure that all of our human hair is ethically sourced too, as in the past, hair extensions has had questionable investigations as to how the hair is sourced. We guarantee our hair extensions are sourced ethically.

Who are we?

We are an online hair extensions distributor focused on assisting, educating and providing customer service to anyone requiring advice on hair extensions. We launched our Clip In Hair Extensions Store in 2008, followed by this site in the same year. Our aim is to distribute a top quality product with the best service we can offer, and what better way to give a better service than to host a website dedicated to help you choose the perfect hair extension colour for your hair!

Clip in hair extensions

As mentioned previously, we are primarily focused on clip in hair extensions. You can read more on our clip in hair extensions on our What are Clip In Hair Extensions Page to further understand our clip in hair extensions and why they are used.