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Dessata Hair Brushes

Tired of knotty hair? – Dessata to the rescue…

Are you tired of the hair pulling, screaming and frustration? We have just the right thing for you, the new Dessata detangling hairbrush. The Dessata detangling brush has 440 bristles in three different lengths which bend depending on how much pressure you use to brush you hair – the reason for this is because these bristles are made out of a smart gel material which causes the hair to glide through them. This brush is also very child friendly as it’s very subtle which prevents all the screaming and tears. This is definitely by far the best tangle teezer money can buy. Here comes the best part… they’re only £8.50 – make sure you order the Dessata Detangling Brush while they last!

Dessata Hair Brush

Dessata Hair Brush

Wholesalers, Retailers and Salons… If you would like to stock these new, exciting and fast moving Dessata hair brushes, email us with your details, and we will get back to you with an unbeatable deal which includes an eye catching counter top display stand!