Different Types of Hair Extensions

Different Types of Hair Extensions

We know there are many different ways to apply hair extensions, but what are the different types of hair extensions? To answer this question, we are going to use the types from Supermodel Hair.
At supermodel hair, their hair extensions range are as follows:

Different Types of Hair Extensions

Different Types of Hair Extensions

Standard Hair Extensions

What are standard hair extensions? Standard hair extensions are made from processed human hair. What that means is that the hair has been stripped of its natural cuticle. The cuticle layer of hair are like microscopic scales that flow in one direction. If these hair strands were to flow in alternative directions, the hair would interlock, ultimately causing the hair to matt and tangle. So stripping this layer prevents that, but decreasing the hairs’ natural quality. This is resolved by giving the hair a silicone layer to coat the damaged hair which gives the hair a more healthy and natural appearance. After continuous washing, this silicone layer is washed off making the hair extensions look dead and dry.

Premium Hair Extensions

What are premium hair extensions? Premium hair extensions are like standard hair extensions, however these hair extensions contain a high percentage of Remy hair. Mixing the hair types extends the life of the hair extensions making them healthier and softer for longer. The premium hair extensions are known by Supermodel Hair customers as Pink Label Clip In Hair Extensions and the Blue Label Weft Hair Extensions.

Remy Hair Extensions

What are Remy hair extensions? Remy hair extensions have cuticles intact and all align in the same direction making them “Root Point Correct”. Nine times out of ten, one set of hair extensions will come from one donor. This will ensure that each strand is root point correct. Remy hair extensions offer long lasting quality that should far surpass any other type of hair extensions. Unfortunately, due to the way these hair extensions are processed, the cost of production is high, making them one of the most expensive types of human hair extensions available!

High Heat Fibre Hair Extensions

What are high heat fibre hair extensions? High heat fibre hair was developed as a cheaper alternative to human hair. Over the past few years, the demand for human hair extensions has grown at a phenomenal rate, causing the price of human hair to increase dramatically. This opened up an opportunity to develop synthetic fibre hair that is heat resistant, for example, the Full Head High Heat Fibre Hair Extensions that are heat resistant up to 200 degrees. The cost of producing this hair is minimal, with an unlimited supply of the source material to give ever demanding consumers a cheaper alternative.

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