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Huge Weekend Sale on Clip In Hair Extensions!

Huge Weekend Sale on Clip In Hair Extensions

Why are clip in hair extensions are still so expensive?! Well, there is no sign of them dropping in price. However, at Supermodel Hair, there are some 14 inch Clip In Hair Extensions and the longer 18 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions that have been massively reduced for the weekend!

Cheap Hair Extensions

Sale of Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions Sale

So what are the prices of the cheaper clip in hair extensions?
14″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Dark Colours – Was £42.00 NOW £30.00
Light Colours – Was £54.00 NOW £40.00

18″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Dark Colours – Was £48.00 NOW £40.00
Light Colours – Was £54.00 NOW £45.00

Be quick! Prices will revert back!

This weekend sale is a one off, and will be the lowest you could ever purchase our hair extensions for. So be quick and grab yours now!


Remy Hair Extensions – Coming Soon!

Remy Hair Extensions

Remember back in the day when we had a few rants about today’s alleged “Remy” Hair Extensions? Well today we can confirm that we are bringing in GENUINE Remy hair extensions at! We are not at liberty to disclose the manufacturer or price as yet. However we have tested the Remy hair and it has surpassed our expectation of what Remy hair should provide and how actual Remy hair should behave!

Remy hair extensions

Remy Hair Extensions

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is different to 90% of the hair available today. Remy hair is hair that has been less processed, keeping the hairs’ natural direction from root to tip. The cuticle layer is maintained, and not stripped unlike standard hair extensions. We already went into extensive detail in a previous blog named “What is Remy Hair?

Look out for false advertising!

Hair extensions today have adopted the term Remy, often misconceived as 100% human hair. People generally think the term Remy means genuine 100% human hair, when in fact it describes the process the hair has gone through. The vast majority of Remy hair extensions we have tested have proven to be terrible examples. Raising questions as to whether Standard processed human hair is actually better quality.

How soon will the Remy Hair be available?

We estimate the hair will be ready for sale by the end of July 2013. Once on sale, no doubt we will be tweeting like a distressed seagull on Twitter, so follow us today to keep up to date on the latest!