High Heat Fibre Clip In Hair Extensions Available!

Why we Opted High Heat Fibre Clip In Hair Extensions

Human hair clip in hair extensions are not cheap, and their price will continue to soar! So we at looked at ways to give our customers an option that is more purse friendly! We recieved a sample of cheap human hair, however we were not happy when we tested the hair. Even though the hair was cheaper, the quality was unacceptable to redistribute to our customers. We then looked in other areas, when we came across high heat fibre clip in hair extensions.

We recieved a sample of high heat fibre hair clip in hair extensions, we requested the best quality fibre hair that utilizes the latest in high heat fibre hair technology. We were very impressed! The high heat fibre clip in hair extensions felt very natural for fibre hair, and we tried popular brands of straighteners and hair dryers which did not damage the heat resistant fibre hair at all.

Heat Resistant up to 200 degrees!

While testing how heat resistant the fibre hair clip in extensions were, we set all appliances to 200 degrees. We tested the hair to the extreme, and found that if you left the straighteners too long on the hair, they eventually will damage, but for regular straightening, the hair is more than capable of withstanding temperatures of 200 degrees.
Clip & Go High Heat Fibre Clip In Hair Extensions

More Affordable Clip In Hair Extensions

As the material used is more readily available, we are able to sell these clip in hair extensions at a much cheaper price! A full head of clip in hair extensions only costs £14.99!
We would love to hear an honest opinion, and are willing to send a sample to a beauty blogger. If you are a blogger and would like to review our new high heat fibre clip in hair extensions, send us an email to