Top 5 Ways to Extend the Life of Hair Extensions

Extend the Life of Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are not cheap, and extending their life is a great way to get your moneys’ worth. All hair extensions manufacturers always emphasise on keeping a good maintenance schedule for your hair extensions. This is in their best interest, as the longer their hair extensions last, the better their products reputation is. We look at the top 5 ways to maintain your hair extensions.

Top 5 Ways to Keep Hair Extensions Healthy

  • Adhere to Recommended Aftercare to the Specific Product
  • On each pack of clip in hair extensions, there is a brief recommendation on how to treat the specific set of hair extensions, as maintenance can differ from brand to brand. This is usually down to quality, high quality human hair extensions will usually last the recommended duration of 3+ months, but lesser quality hair extensions would need exceesive maintenance in order to last anywhere near that long.

  • Carry out a Fortnightly Treatment
  • The hair extensions hair itself, is dead. Therefore, the hair extensions hair is not recieving the natural nutrients that your own hair does. So it is highly recommended to use a fortnightly treatment in your hair that is designed for hair extensions. This product is different to the day to day products like Leave in Treatments and Shine Serums.

  • Always use a Hair Extension Brush
  • Hair Extensions are not indestructable, and using a Hair Extensions Brush is mandatory. The hard bristles on a hair extensions brush are spread out and the majority of the other bristles are soft. Using any other brush or comb WILL cause breaking, shedding and a great loss of hair in a short length of time.

  • Tie your Hair up at Night
  • It is best to tie your hair up of a night, this prevent hair tangling or matting. When the hair is contantly rubbing up against each other, the hair will eventually interlock and cause the hair to tangle, so keeping you hair tied is the best way. If you have clip in hair extensions, always take them out of a night.

  • Avoid Sunbeds, Swimming Pools and Similar Scenarios
  • Swimming pools and sunbeds are the hair extensions natural enemy. Sunbeds dry your hair, and on hair extensions this is something you do not want. When your hair extensions are dried out in this manner, your hair extensions will look awful. We recommend using some form of protective head wear or avod them altogether. Swimming pools contain Chlorine, and this agent can cause your hair extensions to change colour, sometimes to very strange tones like fire engine red.

Recommended Hair Extensions Aftercare Products

Hair Extensions Aftercare

Hair Extensions Aftercare

General aftercare is vital, and with our clip in hair extensions, we recommend using Hair Extensions Aftercare by Hairaisers. The recommended frequency for washing hair extensions is approximately twice a week. After each wash, you should Condition, using Hairaisers Conditioning Cream and use the Leave-In Treatment to keep your hair extensions lookin healthy.