Clip In Hair Extensions Advantages

Clip In Hair Extensions Advantages

Clip in hair extensions have many advantages! To list a few, clip in hair extensions add volume and length, clip in hair extensions are easy to remove and apply, and they are easy to style as most clip in hair extensions are made from 100% human hair.
Other advantages such as more styling options are given by clip in hair extensions, as you are given more hair to work with. The most popular hair style that is used with clip in hair extensions is with the hair let down but with a slight wave to emphasise the volume.

Where to buy Clip In Hair Extensions

You can buy clip in hair extensions anywhere today, clip in hair extensions are extremely accessible. This is not necessarily a good thing as it leaves room for poor quality hair extensions to be sold on a saturated market that is not strictly standardized. We carefully selected our supplier, who ultimately became Hairaisers Ltd.

Why choose this hair extensions company over others?

  • ISO Certified – ISO is a strict Quality Standards body that regularly audits the company for quality standards.
  • Actual Proof of Human Hair – We obtained a certificate from an independant laboratory with confirmation that their clip in hair extensions are indeed 100% HUMAN hair.
  • Commitment to Service – Hairaisers pride themselves on their service, to ultimately match their high quality hair extension products.
  • Ethical Sourcing – Hairaisers go the extra mile to ensure that all human hair is sourced ethically.
  • With these attributes, our aims of high quality products with an excellent service are easily achieved on our Clip In Hair Extensions Website

    Human Hair Clip in Hair Extensions

    Clip in hair extensions in human hair are easily styled as they can take heat. So hair styling tools such as curlers and straighteners can be used to achieve your ultimate hair style. As stated before, you cannot really rely on what it says on a pack of clip in hair extensions these days as rogue suppliers will blend their human hair with high heat fibre and even animal hair, typically Yak hair. Then tag their product as “Human Hair”.

    If you are unsure about a supplier, we would be happy to research a company for you. You can contact us by Email