Can you Wear Hair Extensions while Pregnant?

Can you Wear Hair Extensions while Pregnant?

Occasionally we get asked if you you can wear hair extensions while pregnant. The answer is generally “Wearing Hair Extensions while pregnant is not advised”, which is right. Jessica Simpson who is currently pregnant is not wearing hair extensions from what we can see. In this blog we will explain the reasons why it is advised against to wear hair extensions.

Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions

Jessica Simpson

Clip In Hair Extensions
Clip in hair extensions would be the preferred hair extensions to wear as there are no additional products needed to apply them. However the concern here is that hormonal changes may affect the wearers own natural hair ability to hold the clip in hair extensions, thus risking traction alopecia.

Weaved in Hair Extensions
Woven in hair extensions are more problematic than clip in hair extensions as they required more hair root strength, so would be more prone to traction alopecia while pregnant.

Glued In Hair Extensions
Glued in hair extensions presents the most risk of issues or problems as the latex glue chemicals can cause a reaction to the sensitive skin of someone who is pregnant, even with the use of keratin glue used in classic fusion presents the same problem.

So ideally if you are pregant, it is not advised to wear hair extensions, there are other options though. Long Hair Wigs for example are a fantastic alternative, opt for lighter wigs as they are more comfortable. Comfort is important for anyone who is pregnant.