What are Hair Extensions?

What are Hair Extensions?

Clip In Hair Extensions are used for more purposes than just adding length. It is always assumed that people only buy hair extensions to add length, what people actually like to do with hair extensions is to use them to add volume and options to create amazing hairstyles. A question I see pop up a lot is “Why do people cut their hair, THEN buy hair extensions”, yes it does sound strange but there is a practical purpose to this madness. Cutting the hair removes any split ends or frayed hair at the tips, this ultimately prepares the hair to blend with hair extensions. Another question is “Why are her hair extensions a completely different colour?” This is due to a rise in popularity of so called Ombre Hair Extensions, theres a blog by Sarah on here OhhSoGlamm blogsite on how to achieve the look.
What are Hair Extensions

Where do Hair Extensions come from?

So where do hair extensions come from? Almost all hair is sourced from India, even “Brazilian” Hair extensions, they are actually brazilian type hair extensions with a brazilian type texture. There are so many misconceptions of where hair extensions come from that it has given the hair extensions industry a bad name. It is true that not all hair extension companies go to the extent as high profile companies such as Hairaisers to ensure the hair is ethically sourced, and yes it maybe true that ridiculously cheap hair extensions are very questionable. However as a whole, the mainstream hair extensions have been ethically sourced from indian temples, more information on this is here.

Remy Hair Extensions

I know I keep bringing it up, but “Cheap Virgin Remy Hair Extensions”… there’s no such thing. Virgin remy hair extensions costs at least double the price of standard hair extensions. If you’re paying less than £100, they aren’t genuine. I see so many companies selling alleged Virgin Remy, we purchased a few samples from these companies to test them and was appalled at the quality. We even questioned the quality viewed as a standard set of hair extensions. We have staff with over 20 years experience in our office, they KNOW their hair extensions.

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