Hair Extensions – The Good, The Bad and The Hair-endous

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions have been around for thousands of years, and in this day and age, their popularity has excelled due to celebrity influnce. These days there are a ton of methods to apply hair extensions, and each person has their own way of styling and looking after their hair extensions. There is a problem though, due to their popularity hair extensions are being sold by merchants who are not all that knowledgeable about hair extensions. Which leads to hair extensions looking “Ratty” or just looking awful. We would say this is due the aftercare or application not been implemented correctly.

Who’s to Blame!?

It’s easy to blame the consumer, as they are not expected to know. Merchants should be responsible for informing the consumer on these matters, and this has proven to have not always be the case. Our Clip In Hair Extensions for example have information on the pack regarding aftercare and maintenance, and we setup a Twitter, Facebook and this Blog Site to make us more accessable by the consumer.

Here is what an influencial figure from the hair extensions industry had to say:

The hair extension industry has evolved over so many years, and women love to change their look all the time. You see women from short edgy styles to long bohemian looks. After being in the industry for over 15 years I have seen great styles achieved by using hair extension, whether it’s for an extravagant creative shoot or the everyday natural look.
However, when I am either out at the weekends or working away I still see that shocking look, wispy mushroom affect. I can’t believe that when theses girls buy their extensions “Do they never take on the retailers advice”? Or are they not getting any advice? It’s shocking! I have many times met girls in the ladies toilets on a night out and approached them and told them in a very diplomatic way, your extensions look appalling (well I sometimes use other words depending if I’m going to give them my business card).
Come on ladies please don’t give the impression that hair extensions look terrible!
They can give you great confidence, change your look in an instant and are a brilliant fashion accessory.

Whats being done?

Many high profile hair extension companies such as Great Lengths, Hairaisers and Racoon are now upping their game, as there are merchants out there false branding and selling unacceptable quality hair extensions, which the hair extensions industry is not happy about. Some of these new brands are actually very well known, but we’re not here to name and shame. Hopefully people will a bit more wiser when purchasing hair extensions in the future, and not just falling into the hands of rogue hair extension merchants.