Fashionable Coloured Hair

Hair in Fashionable Colours

Hair in fashionable colours gives you exciting and fashionable options in hairstyling. The hair we are talking about is the vibrant rainbow coloured hair. Fashion colours such as blue, red, green, mauve and various other fashionable colours. These pieces can be found very cheap, and we recommend the synthetic bulk hair which is currently at less than a fiver on

You get 40 inches of synthetic fibre hair at appoximately 100 grams in one pack of synthetic bulk hair.
Synthetic Fibre Hair

Uses of Fashionable Hair Colours

These pieces can be used as hair extensions. However as they are synthetic hair, no heat such as curlers or straighteners can be used on these pieces. They also don’t take to human hair products like shampoos, conditioners and dyes.

Fashionable coloured hair are used by session stylists to achieve their desired looks. Adding a variety of different colours to create fun and creative look.