Clip In Hair Extensions Clips

Hair Extension Clips

The clips used on clip in hair extensions are the most important part of clip in hair extensions, the hair extension clips are important as the are the main piece that secures your hair extensions into place.
Hair Extension Clips
Hair Extension Clips are typically made from a metal alloy which has a flexibility durability to be able to snap into a secure position. Usually the metal band across the clip has a rubber covering to further secure the clip in hair extensions into place. Smaller clips do not require this rubber coating as they close tight enough as they are, any clips over 30mm in length are recommended to have this rubber coating so that the clip in hair extensions get the upmost security that is demanded for clip in hair extensions.

What are the advantages of using different sized hair extension clips?

Bigger clips offer better security for thicker hair, whereas the smaller clips are better for thinner hair as they hold tighter. Many people choose to create their own clip in hair extensions as they give themselves better options in regards to the size clips they want to use, and the length of the weft of each hair extensions piece.

Where do I get clips for clip in hair extensions?

Clips are available anywhere really, and at a very affordable price. We supply clips by Hairaisers, mainly because of their reputation for supplying superior quality products. The clips we supply come in a variety of different sizes, we have the 38mm clips,the 33mm clips, the 28mm clips and the 23mm clips. For the hair extensions themselves, we have two types, the Supermodel Weft Hair Extensions and the Blue Label Weft Hair Extensions.

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