Can I Dye My Hair Extensions?

Can you Dye your Hair Extensions?

A question often asked is Can I Dye My Hair Extensions? Unfortunately the answer is not simple, but hopefully we will clarify whether you can dye your hair extensions or not.
Can I Dye My Hair Extensions
As human hair extensions are an organic product, it is not always predictable. The quality of hair is partially dependant on how the hair donor looked after their hair, and what they did to their hair. This quality aspect will give you more in the way of what you can do with your hair extensions.

Reasons why you Cannot Dye Hair Extensions

Most hair extensions go through a process called an “Acid Bath”, which strips the hair of its natural colour, in most cases black. Everyone knows that your own hair can be a bit unpredictable when it is being dyed, it becomes even more unpredictable after it has been previously dyed. The same rule applies to human hair extensions, but there are more complications as the hair has been through a colouring process already.

So the answer is “Yes, Kinda” but at your own discretion. We always recommend doing a strand test first, apply dye to a snipping of your hair extensions and see how it reacts. On occasions, the hair dye won’t make any change to the hair colour at all, this is because of a combination of hair donor maintainence and the “Acid Bath” process.

Dying Hair Extensions

High profile session stylists use the Blue Label Human Hair Extensions and the Pink Label Clip In Hair Extensions as they are well known for reacting well to hair dyes. Hairaisers (the manufacturers) always say they don’t recommend dying, but these hair extensions always prove to be the most versatile hair extensions.