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Pinterest Competition!

We love Pinterest! The amazing hairstyles that are shared there are fantastic. We noticed that a lot of people from Pinterest love hair! So what better place to hold a competition than on Pinterest.

We are giving away a set of feather flash clip in hair extensions every weekday until the end of April! Constant Repinning of the same image will disqualify you. Nobody likes spam, and we want to keep Pinterest free from spam! Winners are announced in the comments below this blog every weekday afternoon (UK time)

Competition Details

  • Repin the image below on Pinterest once
  • Make sure your Twitter or Facebook is connected to your Pinterest account.
  • We will contact you through Twitter or Facebook for delivery details
  • Below is the image that would be shared.
    Feather Flash Clip In Hair Extensions

    Good Luck! Any questions, feel free to email us at


    Davina McCall – Hair Style

    Davina McCall Hair

    Davina McCall has been on our screens with style since 1992, her hair has always looked healthy accompanied with a thickness and shine on every appearance she makes. We would put this down to her maintenance, she obviously knows how to take care of her self. At a quick google search we found out she is actually 44 years old!

    Hair Maintenance

    Hair maintenance is always important, whether you are maintaining your clip in hair extensions or just looking after your hair in general, hair maintenance is definitely a step in the right directions to keep yourself looking youthful and vibrant.
    Davina McCall - Hair and Skin
    Davina McCalls hair style has pretty much stayed the same over the years, maybe a couple of times she has opted for a shoulder length wavy style, but usually she sticks to what suits her best, a long bob style which showcases her hair thickness and shine.

    Davina McCall Skin Care

    At age 44 her skin looks amazing too. In this day and age there are many ways to maintain your skin and keep your face looking supple and soft. The easiest way that we’re aware of to maintain your skin is by using beauty products such as


    Supermodel Clip In Hair Extensions

    Supermodel Clip In Hair Extensions

    What are Supermodel Clip in Hair Extensions? Supermodel Clip In Hair extensions are a range of hair extensions that were manufactured by Hairaisers due to the demand for a cheaper alternative to their premium Pink Label Clip In Hair Extensions.
    Supermodel Clip In Hair Extensions

    Quality Human Hair Extensions

    As Hairaisers take the quality of their hair extensions very seriously, they looked at ways to cut cost without sacrificing quality. So what are the differences between Supermodel Clip In Hair Extensions and the Pink Label Clip In Hair Extensions? Here is a break down to help simplify the differences.

    Pink Label Clip In Hair Extensions
    100% Human Hair with a blends of genuine Remy Hair
    Weight – 112 grams of hair
    At LEAST the length stated (usually 1 or 2 inches longer)
    4 Pieces of clip in hair extensions
    2 x 9 inches
    1 x 8 inches
    1 x 5 inches

    Supermodel Clip In Hair Extensions
    100% Human Hair (no Remy)
    Weight – 85 grams of hair
    Exactly the length stated
    8 Pieces of clip in hair extensions
    1 x 8 inches
    1 x 5 inches
    2 x 6 inches
    4 x 2 inches

    Different Clip In Hair Extensions

    These differences helped towards reducing the cost dramatically, however Hairaisers admits that the Supermodel Clip In Hair Extensions will not last as long as the premium Pink Label Clip In Hair Extensions, but would hopefully make clip in hair extensions more accessable. With this in mind, we found the Supermodel Clip In Hair Extensions were actually still better than other comanies’ main hair extensions. People asked, Hairaisers listened and took action while maintaining excellent quality.

    Further information such as price and other details on the two different types of clip in hair extensions are available on Alternatively, we would be happy to answer any questions or queries on Twitter