Mobile Hair Extension Stylists

Want your hair extensions put in at home? This is why we have mobile hair extension stylist. Hair extensions are becoming ever more demanding so appointments are harder to book. Property prices are rising so overheads are getting more expensive and they are passing these costs onto the consumer. Mobile hair extensions stylist do not have these overheads, so costs are kept to a minimum. Mobile hair extensions stylists also have great knowledge on beauty in general and offer a variety of other services such as eye lash hair extensions, tanning and much more.



The only concern about mobile hair extensions stylists is a case of trust. Do they have the correct qualifications? Are they using quality assured products? and Are they going to give you a fair price? This is often overcome by their reputation, genuine mobile hair extensions stylists take their reputation very seriously. The most reputable mobile hair extensions stylist we have come across are Beauty Hotline, they are qualified in each service they offer, and can prove it with certifcations and valid documentation. They use high quality products such as top brands like Hairaisers Hair Extensions and other well known brands.

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