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Hair Extensions Testing!

Hair Extensions Selection

Hair Extensions are everywhere, there are so many hair extensions sellers and companies. How do we select the right hair extensions to sell on our website? We test them, any new hair extensions that come through our doors get tested vigorously to weedle out and dismiss the rogue hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Testing

We start off by washing the hair extensions, we wash them multiple times to test their life span. Washing hair extensions wears down the hairs’ protective silicone which exposes the raw human hair cuticle. This will tell us whether the hair is Remy hair or at least the quality of the processed hair.

After each wash of the hair extensions, we straighten them with high heat straighteners. This will show up any possible mixture of synthetic fibre hair. This is due to rumours of some hair extension companies blending their human hair with High Heat Fibre Hair. We’re only interested in the real thing, where possible we ask for a copy of any lab tests the manufacturers may have.

We then product test the hair extensions, using well known hair extensions aftercare shampoo, conditioners and leave in treatments. We also apply hair dye to see how adaptable the hair is to various hair extensions products.

Hair Extensions Testing

Hair Extension Test Results

Below are the failures, we won’t name the brands. All we know is we won’t endorse them, it doesn’t matter how cheap they are, hair extensions should be what it says on the packet.

Hair Extension Fail

Hair Extension Fail

We find these tests critical, we have a very experienced team at, and with over 20 years in the hair extensions industry, we know that the hair extensions trade has been plagued by rogue hair extensions suppliers. We do these test so we dont become one of them.
The few hair extensions that are due for consideration

The few hair extensions that are due for consideration


Twitter Competition Winner – Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week Competition

Milan Fashion Week is over and Paris Fashion Week has started today! We held a competition last week for a chance to win a set of 18″ Clip In Hair Extensions on Twitter. Follow us on Twitter and watch our tweets, we will come out with random competitions to win allsorts of clip in hair extensions, in fact we are running a competition now to win Green Tinsel Flash clip in hair extensions.
Milan Fashion Week
This weeks winner of a set of Supermodel Clip In Hair Extensions is @Kayley_Ford. We kept our last competition simple this time, we asked for retweets and follows to win. Congratulations to Kayley!

Hair extensions Advice

Follow us on Twitter if you need any help with hair extensions or have a question about hair extensions. Our office staff have over 20 years experience in the hair extensions trade and are more than happy to help.


St Patricks Day Wigs

St Patricks Day Wigs and Hair Extensions

St Patricks Day is upon us and its time to get some green wigs! St Patricks Day is on 17th March and inline with St Patricks Day, green wig prices have been slashed at
St Patricks Day Wigs

Green Wigs

The Sally wig has been reduced to only £10.00! The wig was a main selling wig at Hairaisers and was initially only available in natural colours until demand for fun colours came along. Now the wig has been discontinued, it is possible to sell the wig at a purse friendly £10.00 for St Patricks Day

Green Hair Extensions

Alternatively you can opt for Green Feathers, Green Tinsel or Green Colour Flash clip in hair extensions which adds a vibrant and fun streak of colour through your hair in celebration of St Patricks Day.

If you purchase any of these products, let us know how you find them! Follow us on Twitter and send us a message. We occasionally do little competitions, so keep an eye out for our tweets!