How to Choose the Right Human Hair Extensions

Choosing the Right Hair Extensions

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How do you choose the right hair extensions for you? Many people ask for the most cost effective hair extensions, but usually the cheaper market of hair extensions do not lasts making them more expensive long term.

Why don’t cheaper hair extensions last?

Cheap hair extensions are typically made from 100% processed human hair, “processed” human hair extensions are basically human hair that has been stripped of its natural cuticle layer and covered in a silicone to prevent the damaged cuticle interlocking with each other causing the hair to matt. Over time, this silicone washes off and the hair will inevitably matt.

What are the cheapest higher quality hair extensions?

To keep costs down, large reputable companies blend genuine Remy hair with processed human to give the hair extensions a longer life. These companies will not usually advertise their hair as Remy as it does not contain 100% of remy hair. However there are many smaller companies out there that will falsely advertise the hair as 100% Remy human hair, this is a growing problem that many of the larger companies are angry at.

What are the best quality hair extensions?

The best type of hair extensions available on the market today are GENUINE virgin Remy hair extensions. This term has been abused by so many sellers. Virgin Remy hair extensions are generally unprocessed. The hair has been cleaned, then sewn to a weft. This hair comes at a price, a very high price. If someone is selling “Cheap 100% Virgin Remy” hair extensions, there’s no such thing.

The general tip is go for a well known and reputable brand, and don’t fall for the false advertising by smaller companies.