Hair Extension Aftercare is the Most Important part of Owning Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Aftercare is the Most Important part of Owning Hair Extensions
Many people purchase hair extensions thinking they put them in and all will be fine. No matter what quality hair extensions you have, it is vital to maintain hair extensions properly. The hair extension maintenance consists more of just washing, it is best to be armed with specially made aftercare.

Hair Extension Aftercare Set

Hair Extension Aftercare Set

Hair extensions would require the following products as a minimum:

Hair Extension Shampoo – To clean the hair extensions from day to day wearing, vital for keeping hair grease free.

Hair Extension Conditioner – To condition the hair extensions to maintain a soft and healthy appearance

Hair Extension Leave-in-treatment – To help protect the hair extensions from the elements of day to day use.

Most hair extensions on the market today are branded as “Remy” (root point correct). However this is not always the case and does not excuse mistreatment of them. Bearing this in mind, it is best to keep the hair tangle free with frequent brushing, while brushing, grip the hair extensions at the root to prevent shedding.

There are additional products to help care for your hair extensions such as serums and sprays that give the hair extensions a more healthy and vibrant look. These are considered optional aftercare treatments as they are mostly cosmetic.

The whole purpose of these aftercare steps is to keep your hair extensions looking healthy and nice, while prolonging hair extension life. Many consumers unknowingly mistreat their hair extensions and blame the hair extensions themselves, this is why aftercare is always strongly advised by large hair suppliers.