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Quality Human Hair Extensions are Becoming More and More Difficult to Find!

Hair extensions have been around for centuries, and have become particularly popular in the last decade. However human hair resources are running low, and as a result, manufacturers are forced to increase their price due to the rarity of human hair.
There has been a few rumours floating around that some Hair Extensions have been advertised as “Human Hair” when in fact they are blended with high heat fibre or even animal hair. This is usually found out when hair is not acting as it should i.e melting or unusual frizzing. On occasions suppliers are unaware that the hair is not 100% human hair and advertise them has “100% Human Hair Extensions”
High profile manufacturers such as Hairaisers go to the extent of lab testing to ensure that their hair extensions are indeed 100% human hair. This is proven by a lab test certificate along with a traceable registration number.
Misinterpretations are often made due to this shortage of human hair. Remy hair is usually mistaken for hair that is 100% human, when in fact it is human hair that is unprocessed (hair cuticles are still abundant) making the hair a very premium grade. Unfortunately the term “Remy” has been misused a lot.
Here are some tips on avoiding rogue Hair Extensions
• Price – If it looks like they’re too good to be true… they are.
• Brand – Contact the manufacturer, any legitimate company will be happy to stand by their product and back it up with proof.
• Packaging – Suppliers may advertise 100% Human Hair Extensions but have not tested it themselves.