The Evolution of Hair Extensions

It’s hard to believe that hair extensions have been around for thousands of years. Cleopatra and Beyonce – two real beauties separated by more than 3,000 years! What do they have in common?

Well, many manuscripts from ancient times present various styles of hair adornments which were commonly used by pharaohs and other people of standing in antiquity. Present in over 3,600 years of evolution, hair extensions are a recognised method to create beauty and power.

We all know how important hair is for physical appearance. For this reason, we can find various fashionable ins and outs (of fashion) of hair extension art throughout the history.

Starting with the magnificent Cleopatra, hair adornments are appear in each century and on every continent. We particularly remember historical periods such the 20th century when Edwardian women wore false hair in elaborate high standing wigs.

Hair adornment styles reflected certain popular looks which were representative of those times. Social standing required certain attires which were accompanied by wigs and hair adornments. These customs were popular until the 21st century.

From Cleopatra to Glam-Rock

During the War years, hair adornments were excluded from fashion and Later returned post-war and then noticeably in the Glam-Rock era.

Celebrities such as Debbie Harry, Bonnie Tyler and the Spice Girls rocked the international scene with glamorized looks made possible by hair extensions.

Hair extensions in the 70s, 80s and 90s were marked by the appearances of international stars. Renowned actors and singers were changing their hairstyles as often as their outfits. Yesterday – short blonde hair and today, long black hair; what could be easier than using the hair extensions?

Slowly, hair extension styles gained more consumer credence as more easy fitting methods became available to everyone at home or from hair salons.

Global stars such as Tina Turner, Victoria Beckham and then Cheryl Cole keep the hair extensions flame burning through different WOW hairstyles provided by Celebrity Stylists such as Adam Reed.

What will be the future for Hair Extensions?

The years to come will bring many futuristic evolutions in hair adornments which may dictate our style trends. Hair adornments are popular thanks to celebrities and the media whom exploit them.

Celebs presenting products in commercials generally have long hair which reflects the concept that beauty and long hair go hand in hand. Considered as an aspirational appearance, long hair represents passion and power.

So Where Does all of the Hair Come From?

Hair for hair extensions mostly comes from so called “hair farmers” mainly in China and India. In India many ladies practice tonsuring which actually describes a sacred offering to God. Ladies give up their hair willingly and give it to their temple, who then sell it on to the hair farmers and put the profits back into the community.

Hair is a unique source of pride to many women. Many traditions demand that women to grow their hair long. However, for those who do not have patience to do this naturally, there is always a solution – Hair Extensions!

Here is an image of the raw product before processing through a Chinese factory.
The History and Evolution of Hair Extensions